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Module 4: Data Objects

In this module, you will learn the following:

  • Tables are the main objects that store data
  • Indexes, views, stored programs and other objects are the support structures
  • Various table types compared based on data organization
  • Various index types compared
  • Native and non-native data type support
  • Block-level storage architecture

If you've installed Silverlight, you can click the Play button in the video player at left.
Or, right-click (Save Target As...) the link below to download.

Video Download

Length: 42 Minutes 32 seconds

Powerpoint - Open the file using PowerPoint 2007.
Zip - Unzip the file, click launch.htm to view interactive training.

Module 4: Demo 1

In this demonstration you will see how to:

  • Create a query to view allocation units
  • Determine why multiple results for a single index might be provided

Video Download

Length: 6 Minutes 9 seconds

Module 4: Demo 2

In this demonstration you will see how to:

  • Create a table taking advantage of filegroups for different types data structures
  • Review the results using SSMS

Video Download

Length: 12 Minutes 36 seconds

Module 4: Demo 3

In this demonstration you will see how to:

  • Define geometric shapes
  • Define an organizational structure for a company

Video Download

Length: 9 Minutes 11 seconds

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