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Screencast: Network Access Protection with 802.1x (Part 1)


About This Video

One of the most important features of  Windows Server 2008 is  Network Access Protection.  In it’s simplest terms NAP is a platform Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista for implementing client health requirements on your network. We all know that clients become unhealthy for many reasons.  NAP enforces client health requirements that you defines to make sure that your PC’s in your environment stay healthy. I’ve done presentations and demo’s on this many times so I thought it was about time to to turn the demo’s I’ve done into a screencast.  So I needed to break this down into 2 parts.  In part 1 of this screencast I’m going to to take you through some of the things you need to do to configure NAP for 802.1x authentication; including the switch confirguration; domain setup and NAP setup in Windows Server 2008. 

In part 2 I’ll show you NAP in action and what it looks like from the client perspective plus some of the events that occur at the server end and on the client.

Jeff Alexander


Published Date: August 20, 2008
Presented By: Jeff Alexander



Video: WMV | MP4


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