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New Zealand 2007 Daylight Saving Changes

Updated 19th September 2007

New Zealand 2007 Daylight Saving Changes In April 2007 the New Zealand Government announced an update to the Time Act of 1974. This update changes the dates of both the start and end of daylight saving time (DST). When this law goes into effect in 2007, daylight savings time will start one week earlier (2:00 A.M. on the 30th September 2007) and will end two weeks later (3:00 A.M. on 6th April 2008) than past years.

Unless certain updates are applied to software, the time zone settings for a computer's system clock and any calendar and scheduling applications may be incorrect during the three week transition period.

Updates are available for a number of Microsoft® products to include the new daylight saving times. Information on these product updates appears below. This web site is updated regularly as updates become available.

NZ Hotfix for Microsoft Windows Now Available

A hotfix for Microsoft Windows to change start and end times for the upcoming New Zealand daylight saving change is now available.

For Windows users with Automatic Updates enabled and using Microsoft Windows XP (SP2) and Windows Vista the updates will happen automatically as part of a Windows Update download and should require no additional action by the user. This update was incorporated into Windows Update as a high priority update on 28th August 2007.

* Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows 95 are no longer actively supported by Microsoft. However, users can use Microsoft’s free Windows Time Zone Editor to change their settings:

If you require further information please see the reference guide below:

WindowsWindows VistaAvailable KB933360
Windows XP SP2Available KB933360
Windows XP and Windows SP1 *Not Supported 
Windows 2000 Professional *Not Supported 
Windows NT 4.0 *Not Supported 
Outlook2007(CDO update only)Available KB939596
2007(CDO update only)Please contact Microsoft 
2007(CDO update only)Please contact Microsoft 


If you have any questions about the updates please contact Microsoft on: