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Extended Support Phase for Microsoft Products

Microsoft Products in Extended Support Phase

Updated 10th August 2007

For customers running Microsoft software that is beyond Mainstream Support and is still in the Extended Support Phase (view these products here), there are two different options for installing the DST 2007 hotfixes for some products.

  • Manual Update Option
    For some products in Extended Support, such as Windows 2000, Microsoft provides instructions on how to manually update the system by using the tzedit.exe and other techniques. Detailed instructions are documented on the Manual Updates page.
  • DST Hotfix Option
    For customers who prefer to have a hotfix, Microsoft will provide customers with the opportunity to purchase all currently available DST 2007 hotfixes for USD$4,000, for effected Microsoft products in Extended Support via an Extended Hotfix Support contract. Customers will only be charged a single fee of USD$4,000 to obtain all currently available hotfixes for products in Extended Support needed to update their systems for DST 2007.

    If you have any questions about the updates you can contact Microsoft as follows:

  • New Zealand customers: call 0800 800 004 or refer to
  • Australian customers: call 13 20 58 or refer to

Customers will purchase a DST specific Extended Hotfix Support contract, however, the standard requirements of having (1) signed up within 90 days; (2) a Premier or Essential Support contract; or (3) Software Assurance to purchase these hotfixes are now removed for this specific circumstance. The standard EULAs and terms and conditions for the DST hotfixes will apply. Please be aware that products that are outside of Extended Support will not have this opportunity.

Microsoft Products No Longer Supported

Products that have reached the end of their Support Lifecycle are not eligible to receive support or hotfixes. Customers running versions of products that are no longer supported are encouraged to upgrade to supported versions of Microsoft products and review Microsoft’s DST website for the latest information:

Premier customers will be able to obtain the EHS DST hotfixes via three methods:

  • by working with their Technical Account Manager to purchase the agreement
  • converting premier hours into an EHS agreement
  • by contacting Customer Service (0800 442 128) to purchase the DST 2007 hotfixes via Extended Hotfix Support