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Replication Tutorials

Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Replication includes tutorials that you can use to learn how to set up and run replication topologies using SQL Server Management Studio.

In the replication tutorials, "Publisher" refers to the server that contains that source data being replicated and "Subscriber" refers to the destination server. The Publisher and Subscriber may share the same instance of SQL Server, but it is not a requirement. For more information, see Replication Publishing Model Overview.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

Most of the tasks shown in these tutorials can be performed programmatically. For more information, see Replication Developer Documentation.

Preparing the Server for Replication
Learn how to prepare servers so that replication can be run with least privileges. You must complete this tutorial before the other replication tutorials.

Replicating Data Between Continuously Connected Servers
Learn how to use transactional replication to replicate data between fully connected servers.

Replicating Data with Mobile Clients
Learn how to use merge replication to exchange data between a server and one or more clients that are only occasionally connected.

Security and Protection (Replication)