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5-Minute Security Advisor

Security and Trustworthy Computing are currently among the most important topics for customers on TechNet. The 5-Minute Security Advisor series has been created to help quickly communicate important security topics, tasks, and issues. The advisor will point to the content necessary to go deeper into technical details or into step-by-step, how-to guides.

In this series, a numbering sequence has been used to identify the appropriate audience for the content. There is overlap among the levels.

100 Level

Written for the small office, always-on home office, and home user interested in security fundamentals. These advisors focus on issues such as:

200 Level

Topics at this level focus on more technical topics for the Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) and power users. Advisors at this level are written to address issues such as:

300 Level

Information Technology Professionals (IT Pros) and power users will find information here for securing with larger networks and deeper technical security content. Topics will include:

400 Level

IT Pros and network or systems administrators will find topics at this level most helpful. These papers provide an overview of highly technical topics. They are 5-Minute advisors not 5-Day seminars, but they will always contain lots of links to the best technical content available for you to dive deeper into the details. Examples include:

We will be adding several topics to this library every month, so please check back for updates often. If you have suggestions for future 5-Minute Advisors of if you want to comment please send us your ideas.