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Event Review: SharePoint Search technical drill down (Session ITPRODSK-103)

Welcome to the material supporting page for this session. The materials on this page have been selected as the best matches to the content covered in the live event session.

Session Outline

In this session, we are going to review the new features of SharePoint Search. We will look at the challenges IT professionals face today with regards to supporting disparate repositories, and how Office SharePoint 2007 can help address these issues. We will explore the new features and enhanced architecture of Office SharePoint 2007 and look at some specific usage scenarios.

Session Agenda

  • How to centralize information
  • Search enhancements for the end user
  • Administration improvements

Session Media

This session consists of a Windows Media presentation and demonstrations:
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Download the full multimedia recording of this session.

Download all slides and transcripts

Download just the slides and transcripts of this session.

Demo: Viewing End User Improvements

This demonstration will explore the key improvements made to the search system in SharePoint Server 2007. We will begin by looking at the new Search Center interface and how search results are formatted and grouped. We will then look at how people search and how social-distance result formatting can increase search accuracy and relevancy. Finally, we will look at how smoothly search results from business data sources are integrated with standard documents.  

Demo: Customizing Search

In this demonstration, we will look at how search can be customized to meet user needs. We will begin by adding two custom content sources to SharePoint and performing crawls on them so that they are fully indexed. Then we will see how we can customize the Search Center interface to make retrieving data from these content sources more precise. Finally, we will take a look at how Best Bets can be created to push content mapped to query words to the top of the search page.  

Demo: Using Query Reports

In this demonstration, we will be looking at how query reports present search analysis so that administrators can easily identify usage and relevancy issues.  

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