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Michael Sharp

Directory, Security Services - Information Security

Michael Sharp is a Director with Microsoft IT’s Information Security team. He is responsible for security shared services & operations, including:

  • Issuance of combined physical access & smart cards
  • Tier 2/3 support for Microsoft’s Smartcard two-factor authentication solution for Remote Access and Domain Administration
  • Operations of Certificate Services infrastructure, including Microsoft’s self-hosted PKI
  • Product management of IT solution needs for the Information Security team
  • Program management of Microsoft IT’s Embody Trustworthy Computing strategy


Prior to his current role, Michael product managed development of a billing system for online subscription services, and led Microsoft’s implementation of SAP for the order processing & revenue cycle.

Michael came to Microsoft from Accenture (then Andersen Consulting) in England, where he was responsible for supply chain strategy and the design, development, and implementation of supply chain IT solutions.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computing degree.