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Webcasts, Events, and Chats

Get ahead with advice from experts, instructional streaming videos, technical chats, webcasts, conferences, and more.

  • Program Guide for IT Professionals
    Find in-person events, chats, and live or on-demand webcasts.
  • TechNet Chats
    Register for online discussions with one or more Microsoft experts, or search the transcripts.
  • TechNet Webcasts
    TechNet webcasts are 60 to 90-minute live broadcasts featuring interactive technical presentations, product demonstrations, and question-and-answer sessions.
  • Microsoft Webcasts
    Locate an upcoming webcast specific to your product or profession, or search the list of on-demand webcasts.
  • Microsoft Seminars
    View online presentations by Microsoft experts in your field.
  • MSDN Chats
    Add upcoming developer chats to your Microsoft Outlook calendar, or tell a friend.