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How to Avoid Outgrowing Your Email Infrastructure and IT Budget

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As free online email services competed to deliver bigger mail boxes for users, IT departments often found themselves drawn into to this feature race. Business users wanted to know why a free service often offered more storage than a corporate account. IT departments could solve this by deploying more storage and upgrade their messaging systems to the next versions as soon as they came out. For some complex environments, moving from Exchange 2003, to 2007 and to 2010 was no small task.

At the same time, keeping up with the storage requirements of integrated fax, voice-mail and telephony systems requires larger and larger mailboxes. And, compliance requirements for many industries mandate that mail has to be stored for various periods of time. All this puts pressure on IT department budgets and resources.

Today, Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) provides an alternative approach. Using Exchange Online within the BPOS suite allows IT departments to keep pace with increased storage requirements and lower IT budgets. While maintaining integration with your existing Active Directory infrastructure, moving mailboxes into a hosted environment reduces the burden of managing and maintaining complex messaging environments but retains local access control. As new features become available you have control over when these are available to your organization, and implementation is often as simple as a few clicks in the admin interface.

The resources on this page will help you get an understanding of using Exchange Online as a cloud messaging solution for your company's needs.

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This 90-minute Level-200 training session provides an introduction to Exchange Online services, configuration and management.

Hybrid Migration Troubleshooter
This guided walkthrough for Hybrid Mailbox moves will help you with troubleshooting hybrid migration.

TechNet Virtual Lab: Using Exchange 2010 Management Tools
Get a taste of Exchange Management in a virtual machine with a step-by-step guide.

Microsoft Online Services Cost Calculator
Assess the cost of using Microsoft Exchange Online and other BPOS services.

How to Configure Outlook 2010 for Exchange Online
Microsoft’s Simon May explains how to manually configure Outlook to access Exchange Online services.

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