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Use SharePoint Online for Office 365

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As organizations grow geographically, IT teams are challenged to deliver the same level of services in those new locations. People in a remote office in the same country/region or a new office in an emerging market need the same connectivity to data and services as the team back at corporate headquarters. Many questions need to be answered and solutions prioritized to transform this puzzle into a clear picture of your company's data, including: What is the network connectivity like? How many people need access to these resources? What are they using to access these resources?

When it comes to delivering collaboration or file-sharing solutions across multiple locations, cloud computing is a great candidate. Even in low bandwidth areas, connecting to Microsoft's Office 365 services through a browser provides access to a rich productivity application suite -- with SharePoint at the heart to keep information moving through your teams.

You can deploy a solution such as SharePoint Online confident in the knowledge that data access control policies are in place and being enforced. Whether your growth is fast or slow, SharePoint Online will let you keep the organization connected, extending established workflows as needed.

The resources on this page provide the information to help evaluate and deploy a solution to enable business to grow into new regions using SharePoint as a collaboration tool.

Webcast: Microsoft SharePoint Online Overview
This 75-minute demo-filled introduction to SharePoint Online in Office 365.
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Get answers to commonly asked questions about Office 365.
Office 365 Service Descriptions
These documents provide a detailed description of the features and functionality of Office 365 services.
SharePoint Online Planning Guides for Enterprise and Small Business
These articles guide site collection administrators and site owners through the steps involved in setting up and using SharePoint Online sites for Office 365.
SharePoint Online Scenario-based Videos for  Enterprise and Smal l Business
These videos provide a survey of common tasks and how you can use SharePoint Online to work more productively.

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