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How to Grow Your Business in a New Region with Exchange Online

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As organizations grow, the challenge for IT is to deliver the same level of services in those new locations. Those locations could be a remote office in the same country or a new office in an emerging market, where cost and complexity can increase. Many questions need to be answered and solutions prioritized before these services can be up and running; but the first step for many organizations is to provide email service.

Exchange Online, a service from Microsoft Online Services, is a simple and reliable foundation for enterprise-wide email and calendaring coordination. Administration can be controlled from the main office. Clients are simply furnished with a URL and an account to access Exchange services. Even in low bandwidth areas, connecting to Exchange Online services using a browser provides users with access to a rich messaging suite.

The resources on this page will help you gain an understanding of how using Exchange Online can be a cloud messaging solution that meets your company's needs.

Get 30 Days of Exchange Online for Free
Set up and run Exchange Online for a month at no charge, then upgrade to paid service if you decide to keep it (min. 5 seats).

Business Productivity Online Standard Suite Deployment Guide
A technical guide to deploying Exchange Online and other BPOS services.

Infrastructure Planning and Design for Microsoft Exchange Online
A collection of worksheets and solution accelerators for Exchange Online deployments.

Microsoft Online Migration Toolkit
A guide and tools for migrating email to Exchange Online.

Search TechNet Forums for Exchange Online Deployment Help
The TechNet IT Pro community is talking about Exchange Online. Join in to tap their collective expertise.

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