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RMS for IT Professionals

Find videos, step-by-step guides, and presentations to help you manage the systems that protect your data, provide compliance reports, teach users how to securely share information, and keep everything always up and running.

Hands-on Rights Management services

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What is Azure Rights Management services?

In two minutes, learn about security, privacy, and control in Azure RMS.

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Azure RMS user experience

See how easy it is to use Azure RMS to share files safely and help ensure sensitive data is not compromised.

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What's new in the Azure RMS sharing application

This Edge Show takes a look at new features and functionality in the Azure RMS sharing application.

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Deploying RMS for Cloud-Friendly and Cloud-Reluctant Customers

Learn how to quickly set up Azure RMS and enable on-premises and cloud-based SharePoint and Exchange to use the service via the connector.

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Securely Collaborating with Anyone, Everywhere, with the New RMS

This session demonstrates RMS on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, and describes the road map.