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Essential Business Server FAQ Blog

Kent Compton

Kent Compton
I haven’t been on the EBS team for a while now but this news came as a huge shock. If there’s some consolation I’m really glad to see Microsoft is making the existing EBS 2008 customers whole by getting them to the stand-alone server products for free.
Friday, Mar 5
The Outlook Connector Part 2
For those of you who want to only download the Outlook Connector you can go to
Tuesday, Apr 21
THE Outlook Connector
In addition to the product planning I do for Windows Live, I also work with the Microsoft Office Outlook team on the Outlook Connector. What is the Outlook Connector you ask? It is a grossly underutilized sync solution for people who are both Hotmail users and who have Outlook 2003 or 2007. If yo... more
Wednesday, Mar 25

Kevin Beares’ Blog

Kevin Beares’ Blog
Voice of Customer in Windows Server 8
I am proud to be part of the Windows Server Partner & Customer Ecosystem team here at Microsoft and having had a chance to play a small roll in our Voice of Customer Feedback activities for Windows Server 8 . As a community lead for Microsoft for...(read more)
Tuesday, Oct 18
Quick Question. Should we use our real names or an alias when we blog?
I am sure you have noticed, but on some of our blogs, the posts are all authored by an Alias and not really from any single blog author. Now part of the reasoning behing this is part legacy and part owners wanting to control how many people have access...(read more)
Thursday, Sep 29
Transparency in Social Media - a great example
When I think of transparency in terms of how we do business and how we relate to customers, I don't think of it in terms of sharing NDA information. It is more about trying to be as open and honest as you can with customers in terms of decisions and possibly...(read more)
Thursday, Sep 29

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