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Event Review: Technical Drilldown: Systems Management Server 2003 Operating System Deployment Feature Pack (Session ITPROMGT-10)

Welcome to the material supporting page for this session. The materials on this page have been selected as the best matches to the content covered in the live event session.

Session Outline

This session will examine to the Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Operating System Deployment Feature Pack, which provides end-to-end solutions for distributing operating system images. This session will detail the new capabilities available with the feature pack and provide planning information to help customers install it and get in operation quickly. Participants will see a detailed demonstration on capturing an image in the new Windows Imaging Format, customizing it, and then witness the deployment experience.

Session Agenda

  • What is Operating System Deployment (OSD) and when would I use it?
  • How to capture an operating system image
  • How to deploy an operating system image through SMS
  • How to create image packages and programs
  • How to distribute and advertise operating system images to your clients
  • Where does OSD fit in with other operating system deployment technologies?

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