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Mitch Irsfeld

TechNet Flash, Volume 12, Issue 2 - January 27, 2010
TechNet Flash Editor's Note from Mitch Irsfeld

Windows 7 Deployment A to Z

If Windows 7 deployment is on your organization's horizon, here's a great new article that explores pre-deployment considerations, and then delves into options and recommendations for user data and settings migration when moving from Windows XP to Windows 7. This is for enterprise-scale desktop deployments, migrating hundreds or thousands of computers.

You can also find more resources in this blog post providing Windows 7 deployment scenarios and tools. You'll find guidance for deploying Windows 7 on clients, the tools to use - such as WAIK, MDT 2010 and WDS, and the scenarios for when to use them. For a complete view of Windows 7 resources, articles, demos, and guidance, visit the Springboard Series for Windows 7 on the Windows Client TechCenter.

Network Troubleshooting Tools Available in Windows 7
A quick shout-out to TechNet Magazine for continuing the parade of useful Windows 7 resources. Windows 7 contains numerous handy tools that let you diagnose, monitor, and repair network connections. And the magazine presents 12 of the most useful networking-related command-line tools you'll find in Windows 7, plus one free tool you can download.

And don't forget TechNet Magazine's Tip of the Day, which continues to feature Windows 7 tips.

Time to Vote on Windows Server 2008 R2 Haiku Finalists
Over the past 2 months, Windows Server enthusiasts submitted more than 2,000 haikus for the R2 Haiku contest. Our judges have selected the nine haikus that best captured the benefits of Windows Server 2008 R2, demonstrated originality, and received positive community feedback. Now it is time to view the gallery and vote for your favorite.

Finally, the new Thrive IT Professional Community site is live. Check it out to connect with your peers, expand your network, and find the community- and Microsoft-driven events in your area. You can also find out the latest IT job openings and opportunities via the Career Builder job search box.

Mitch Irsfeld
Editor, TechNet Flash

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