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Adding a Programs and Features Entry

By default, after DPInst copies a driver package to the DIFx driver store, DPInst adds an entry, which represents the driver package, to Programs and Features in Control Panel. A user can use this entry to uninstall the driver package and remove it from the DIFx driver store.

Note  In versions of Windows earlier than Windows Vista, DPInst added the entry for the driver package to Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

DPInst adds descriptive text to the Programs and Features entry to identify the driver package. The descriptive text is based on the Provider, DriverPackageDisplayName, and DriverVer entry values in the INF Version section of the driver packages INF file. If a DriverPackageDisplayName entry is not present, DPInst uses the service name of the first service instead.

To suppress the creation of a Programs and Features entry for a driver package, set the suppressAddRemovePrograms flag to ON.

For an example of a DPInst Programs and Features entry, see Identifying a Driver Package.

Warning  In order for DPInst to properly manage the removal of the driver packages that it installs, a user should use only the Programs and Features entry that was created by DPInst to uninstall a driver package. A driver package INF file or driver package co-installer should not register another Programs and Features entry that a user can also use to uninstall a driver package. For more information about how DPInst installs and uninstalls drivers, see DPInst Driver Support.



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