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eula XML Element

[DIFx is deprecated, for more info, see DIFx Guidelines.]

The eula XML element is an empty XML element that includes two attributes that specify a EULA text file that contains custom text for a DPInst EULA page.

Element Tag


XML Attributes


The type of vendor-supplied EULA. The value of this attribute must be set to the string "txt", which indicates a plain-text file.


A string that identifies the name of the file that contains the text for a DPInst EULA page. The EULA text file must be encoded by using UTF-8 encoding. The EULA file must be located in the DPInst root directory, which is the directory that contains the DPInst executable file (DPInst.exe), or a subdirectory under the DPInst root directory. If the EULA file is in a subdirectory, specify a fully qualified file name that is relative to the DPInst root directory.


Element Information

Parent elements


Child elements

None permitted

Data contents

None permitted

Duplicate child elements

None permitted



The following code example demonstrates a eula element that specifies that Data\Eula409.txt contains custom EULA text. The Eula409.txt file is in the Data directory, which must be a subdirectory under the DPInst root directory. The text that specifies the custom EULA file is shown below using the <eula> tag.

  <language code="0x0409">
    <eula type="txt" path="Data\Eula409.txt"/>

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