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finishText XML Element

[DIFx is deprecated, for more info, see DIFx Guidelines.]

The finishText XML element customizes the main text that DPInst displays on a DPInst finish page.

Element Tag


XML Attributes


Element Information

Parent elements


Child elements

None permitted

Data contents

String that customizes the main text on a finish page

Duplicate child elements

None permitted



The following code example demonstrates a finishText element that customizes the main text on a finish page that DPInst displays for a successful installation. The text that specifies the custom finish text is shown in bold font style.

  <language code="0x0409">
    <finishText>Enjoy using the Toaster.</finishText>

If a finishText element is not specified, DPInst displays default finish text that indicates whether the installation was a success or a failure.

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