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group XML Element

[DIFx is deprecated, for more info, see DIFx Guidelines.]

The group XML element specifies an ordered collection of driver packages that DPInst handles as a driver package group.

Element Tag


XML Attributes


Element Information

Parent elements


Child elements

package (zero or more)

installAllOrNone (zero or one)

suppressAddRemovePrograms (zero or one)

Data contents

None permitted

Duplicate child elements

None permitted



The following code example demonstrates a group element that includes two package XML elements and an installAllOrNone XML element. The example group element configures DPInst to handle the "Abc" driver package and the "Def" driver package as a group. The installAllOrNone XML element configures DPInst to install the driver packages in the driver package group only if both drivers can be installed.

    <package path="DirAbc\Abc.inf" /> 
    <package path="DirDef\Def.inf" /> 

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