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icon XML Element

[DIFx is deprecated, for more info, see DIFx Guidelines.]

The icon XML element specifies the source file for a custom icon that DPInst displays on the DPInst EULA page. DPInst uses this icon to represent DPInst on the Microsoft Windows taskbar and desktop. DPInst also uses this icon for the entry that represents a driver package, which DPInst adds to Programs and Features in Control Panel

Note  Prior to Windows Vista, DPInst added the entry for the driver package to Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Element Tag


XML Attributes


Element Information

Parent elements

dpinst or language

Child elements

None permitted

Data contents

String that specifies the source file that contains the icon that DPInst displays on a DPInst EULA page. The icon file must be located in the DPInst root directory, which is the directory that contains the DPInst executable file (DPInst.exe), or in a subdirectory under the DPInst root directory. If the icon file is in a subdirectory, specify a fully qualified file name that is relative to the DPInst root directory.

Duplicate child elements

None permitted



An icon element is customized, but not localized, if it is a child element of a dpinst XML element. An icon element is customized and localized if it is a child element of a language XML element.

The following code example demonstrates an icon element that specifies Data\Small.ico as the source of a custom icon that DPInst displays on the DPInst EULA page. The text that specifies the custom icon file is shown in bold font style.


If an icon element is not specified, DPInst displays a default icon. The position of this icon cannot be changed.

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