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Using a DPInst Descriptor File

A DPInst descriptor file is an optional XML file that you can provide to customize the installation of driver packages. A DPInst descriptor file must be named DPInst.xml and it must be located in the same directory as the DPInst executable file (DPInst.exe) within the installation package. A DPInst descriptor file must be encoded by using the UTF-8 standard to support multilingual characters. To create a DPInst descriptor file, use a text editing application, such as Notepad, that supports UTF-8-encoded text files. If you use Notepad, start Notepad and on the File menu click Save As, and then in the Encoding box select UTF-8.

For an example of a DPInst descriptor file, see DPInst Descriptor File Example.

For a summary of the DPInst XML elements, see Summary of the DPInst XML Elements. For more information about each DPInst XML element, see DPInst XML Elements.

The following topics describe how to configure a DPInst descriptor file to customize the installation of a driver package:

Specifying the Document Root Element

Specifying the Location of a Driver Package

Specifying a Driver Package Group for a Multifunction Device

Enabling Language Customization

Customizing the Items That Appear on the Wizard Pages

Setting DPInst Configuration Flags



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