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Editor’s Note: Keeping Tabs on Remote Offices

Lafe Low

With the myriad challenges you face every day as an IT manager, keeping a corporate network running that supports all sorts of remote offices has got to rank somewhere near the top. You have all the standard challenges—providing the right applications, ensuring certain performance and service levels, maintaining bandwidth and capacity planning, ensuring a rock-solid backup and disaster recovery plan—and now you have to do it from miles away. And there’s often no one at the remote office who “speaks IT.”

Reliability, capacity and security become even more important when your supporting branch offices are spread out all over the place. Thankfully, advances in server technology and domain controllers (DCs) make your job a little easier. Check out Paul Yu’s pair of features this month that cover the entire process of supporting remote offices with read-only DCs. Yu takes us through planning, deployment and configuration. He delves into Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and how the new RODCs can help you tie up your organization’s network no matter how many locations you’re supporting.

Is this type of remote support something that affects your daily life as an IT manager? Are you supporting a handful of branch offices? We’d love to hear your story. How is it working? How did you develop your plan and deploy the technology? How do you maintain those connections? Let us know and perhaps we’ll provide some “down in the trenches” coverage in the coming months. Yours are the stories we want to tell.

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Lafe Low is the editor in chief of TechNet Magazine. A veteran technology journalist, he's also the former executive editor of 1105 Media's Redmond magazine. Contact him at