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TechNet On: Cloud Security

The Platform: Windows Azure

Background - Cloud computing may have its own vocabulary, but it's not a mystery. Understand how Windows Azure works, facilitates business models, and leverages the cloud.

Windows Azure Platform for Enterprises

Learn the Windows Azure platform at the architectural level and how it intersects it with the needs of enterprise-class solutions in this MSDN Magazine briefing.

Understanding the Windows Azure Runtime Environment

Jose Barreto explains how to experiment with Azure virtual machines using a simple application.

Windows Azure and ISVs - A Guide for Decision Makers

David Chappell explores the business uses and implications of the cloud, business models and options for implementation. [link to pdf]

Real World Azure: An Overview of Cloud Computing

Senior Architect Evangelist Brian Prince tells TechNet Edge which are the best applications to start with in cloud computing.

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TechNet ON: Cloud Security Tracks

Security: Being Safe in the Cloud

Moving to a cloud platform does not mean starting from square one when it comes to security. See how your data can stay safe in the cloud.

Strategies: Rising to Cloud Level

Migrating existing applications or deploying new apps to the Windows Azure platform will be a learning process for every IT Pro. Learn best practices from real-world deployments.

TechNet ON: Previous Issues

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