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What's New and Improved in ISA Server 2006

Updated: September 5, 2006

ISA Server 2006 offers the following new and improved features:

Secure remote access to internal Microsoft servers

New or ImprovedFeatureDescription
ImprovedOutlook Web Access Publishing Wizard.Clientless remote access through SSL connections form the core of SSL VPNs. The ISA Server 2006 Outlook Web Access Publishing Wizard walks you through creating a firewall rule and creates the Outlook Web Access SSL connection to your Exchange server. All network elements can be created in the wizard, and you never need to leave the wizard to create a policy element.
NewSharePoint Server Publishing Wizard.A new wizard publishes multiple Windows SharePoint Services sites simultaneously and provides for automatic link translation.
NewIntegrated support for Exchange 2007Support for the Exchange 2007 feature set is built-in to ISA Server 2006.

Virtual private networking

New or ImprovedFeatureDescription
NewBranch Office VPN Connectivity WizardThis wizard automatically configures a site-to-site VPN connection between two separate offices.


New or ImprovedFeatureDescription
ImprovedEasy-to-use wizardsNew configuration wizards exist for publishing Windows SharePoint Services, Exchange, and general Web sites. A new Branch Office VPN Connectivity Wizard exists for configuring site-to-site VPN connections.
ImprovedCertificate ManagementIt is now possible to utilize multiple certificates per Web listener and to use different certificates per array member. ISA Server 2006 is improved to simplify certificate management and reduce the total cost of ownership associated with using certificates when publishing Web sites.
ImprovedHardware-based ISA Server appliancesISA Server 2006 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition are now available in preconfigured hardware.
ImprovedPropagation of enterprise-wide policyUnderlying architecture is improved to provide for more efficiency.

Advanced firewall protection

New or ImprovedFeatureDescription
ImprovedFirewall Rule wizardsISA Server 2006 includes a new set of rule wizards that make it easier to create access policy. ISA Server 2006 access policy can be created by a sophisticated firewall rule that you can use to configure any required policy element. You do not need to leave the rule wizard to create a network object. Any network object or relationship can be created within the new wizard.
NewFlood ResiliencyA new Flood Resiliency feature protects ISA Server 2006 from being permanently unavailable, compromised, or unmanageable during a flooding attack.
NewEnhanced remediation during attackFlood Resiliency provides enhanced remediation during attacks through log throttling, control of memory consumption, and control of pending DNS queries.


New or ImprovedFeatureDescription
ImprovedAuthenticationUsers can be authenticated using built-in Windows, LDAP, RADIUS, or RSA SecurID authentication. Front-end and back-end configuration has been separated, providing for more flexibility and granularity. Single sign on is supported for authentication to Web sites. Rules can be applied to users or user groups in any namespace. Third-party vendors can use the SDK to extend these built-in authentication mechanisms.
NewSingle sign onSingle sign on allows users to access a group of published Web sites without being required to authenticate with each Web site.
ImprovedForms-based authenticationForms-based authentication is now available for all published Web sites, and not just for Outlook Web Access.
ImprovedSession managementISA Server 2006 includes improved control of cookie-based sessions to provide for better security.
NewSupport for LDAP authenticationLDAP authentication allows ISA Server to authenticate to Active Directory without being a member of the domain.

Server publishing

New or ImprovedFeatureDescription
ImprovedLink translationSome published Web sites may include references to internal names of computers. Because only the ISA Server 2006 firewall and external namespace, and not the internal network namespace, are available to external clients, these references appear as broken links. ISA Server 2006 includes a link translation feature that you can use to create a dictionary of definitions for internal computer names that map to publicly known names. ISA Server 2006 implements link translation automatically during Web publishing.
NewCross-Array Link TranslationThis feature allows links in Web content containing an internal server name to be translated to the public name even if the Web content is published in a different array.


New or ImprovedFeatureDescription
NewBITS cachingISA Server 2006 provides the caching mechanism for data received through BITS. Any cache rule that you create can be enabled to cache BITS data.
NewWeb Publishing Load BalancingISA Server 2006 will automatically balance the request stream coming from a remote user to an array of published servers.
NewHTTP compressionHTTP compression reduces file size by using algorithms to eliminate redundant data during transmission of HTTP packets.
NewDiffserv (Quality of Service)ISA Server 2006 includes a new packet prioritization functionality (provided by the Diffserv Web filter), which scans the URL or domain and assigns a packet priority using Diffserv bits.