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Volume 13, Issue 3 | February 9, 2011

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TechNet ON: Go Virtual to Cut Costs and Carbon and Gain Agility

Go beyond doing more with less and reducing your carbon footprint; virtualization enables a more agile, responsive infrastructure and lays the foundation for cloud services.

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Talk TechNet Episode 6: Sean Kearney on PowerShell (Level 200)
Register for this February 11 episode when guest MVP Sean Kearny will be on hand to answer your questions about Windows PowerShell. Also check out the Talk TechNet playlist of previously aired and upcoming shows.

TechNet Wiki: Windows Azure Survival Guide
The Windows Azure Survival Guide is a great resource for the Windows Azure community of IT pros. Containing links to videos, blogs, forums, and a host of other useful links, it can help you navigate the wealth of Azure information available.

Video: Windows Azure Platform Security Essentials for Business Decision Makers
In this video, Graham Calladine, Security Architect with Microsoft Services, answers the most common security concerns CxOs and other business decision-makers have regarding the security of their data in Windows Azure cloud platform.

New in TechNet Library: Accessing SharePoint Sites with Mobile Devices
Learn how to make SharePoint sites externally accessible for mobile devices, including how to configure Forefront Unified Access Gateway to support SharePoint Workspace Mobile.

TechNet Magazine: Microsoft Office 365: Boost Your Business Productivity
Office 365 is the next step in the evolution of business tools, delivering cloud-based productivity that complements the Office desktop experience.

TechNet Radio: What the Cloud Means to Microsoft CIO, Tony Scott
Tony Scott, Microsoft CIO, is leading the Microsoft IT organization to invest in the cloud. Listen in and find out how it will bring new possibilities and benefits to businesses.

Video: Finding, Testing, and Fixing Applications on Windows 7 with the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6
We dissect the tool to really understand where its strengths and weaknesses are to help you understand the tool and use it to maximum effect. We'll explore the application compatibility manager and its agents, and the shim infrastructure. You'll get tips and tricks for remediating applications, helping you to become a true shim ninja.


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Mitch IrsfeldEditor's Note

TechNet Flash Editor
Mitch Irsfeld

Virtualization Delivers the ROI Trifecta
With IT departments wedged between limited budget growth in 2011 and the expectations for new services - especially cloud computing - getting in the virtualization game can position your organization for the RIO trifecta with benefits that are high on the hit list in most executive suites. Reduced overhead, increased sustainability and faster response to changing business conditions should get everyone's attention. Laying the foundation for cloud migration is an added bonus. TechNet Magazine author Joshua Hoffman provides a rundown of all those benefits, and the key Microsoft technologies that together deliver them. His article Sustainability and Savings Go Hand-in-Hand with Virtualization also highlights additional benefits such as...

Read more


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