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TechNet ON: Windows Azure Security Essentials

Learning Resources

Find information on specific tools and processes for maintaining secure applications and services as you migrate sytems to the cloud with Windows Azure.

Video: Windows Azure Platform Security Essentials for Technical Decision Makers

In this updated video, Graham Calladine, Security Architect with Microsoft Services, answers the most common security concerns CxOs and other technical decision-makers have regarding the security of their data in Windows Azure cloud platform.

Video: Delivering and Implementing a Secure Cloud Infrastructure

This video helps you gain a good understanding of how Microsoft delivers a secure cloud computing infrastructure by implementing a special framework of processes and technologies.

Webcast: A Guide to Data Governance for Privacy, Confidentiality, and Compliance - Moving to Cloud Computing

In this webcast, we examine how data governance challenges change when organizations opt to use cloud-based services and how the framework and techniques presented in the "Managing Technological Risk" white paper and webcast can be applied in the new context.

TechNet Wiki: Securing Silverlight applications with Claims-based authentication in Windows Azure

Lessons learned involving security and Silverlight while porting the UI of an existing business application to Windows Azure.

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Recommended approaches to security management for applications and services hosted on the Windows Azure platform.

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