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TechNet ON: Windows Azure Security Essentials


Recommended approaches to security management for applications and services hosted on the Windows Azure platform.

Editor's Note: Get Past the Security Crossroads in Your Cloud Migration

IT managers have come to an important crossroads. The promised benefits of moving an IT infrastructure to the cloud are starting to look very real. Yet so are the concerns, mainly the loss of control and security.

TechNet Magazine: Understanding Security Account Management in Windows Azure

Find best practices for creating and managing administrative accounts, how to use certificates for authentication, and how to handle transitions when employees enter or leave an organization.

TechNet Magazine: Using Forefront TMG 2010 to access Cloud Services

This article explains how Forefront TMG 2010 can assist your business to securely access cloud service while providing high availability services to on-premises users.

Whitepaper: Windows Azure Security Overview

This document describes the array of security controls implemented within Windows Azure, so customers can evaluate if these capabilities and controls are suitable for their unique requirements.

White Paper: Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Program (PDF)

The Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Program is a joint effort between Microsoft and its partner original equipment manufacturers to help organizations quickly develop and implement private clouds, while reducing both the cost and the risk.

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Find information on specific tools and processes for maintaining secure applications and services as you migrate sytems to the cloud with Windows Azure.

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