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TechNet ON: Build and Manage VMs in the Cloud

Creating VMs

The process of building a VM for Windows Azure is similar to building any other VM. You start by building a base virtual hard drive (VHD) which contains the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system.

TechNet Magazine: Take Your Virtual Machines to the Cloud

Running virtual machines on Windows Azure combines the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing.

Overview of Creating a Hosted Service for Windows Azure

A hosted service in Windows Azure consists of an application that is designed to run in the hosted service and XML configuration files that define how the hosted service should run.

How to Create and Deploy the VM Role Service Model

To create instances of a VM role, you must deploy a service model package to Windows Azure.

Developing a Server Image for a VM Role in Windows Azure

Here is a jumpstart to understanding what to consider when creating a custom server image that is uploaded to Windows Azure.

Expert Tips on VM Role Deployment with Windows Azure SDK 1.4
After working on VM Role deployment for so many times, Avkash Chauhan decided to writeup this blog entry as a note before starting VM Role deployment.

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Understand the VM Role
The Windows Azure VM role lets you run a virtual hard disk image, store that image in the cloud and load and run it on demand, so your existing applications can start to work for you in the cloud immediately.

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