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Critical Career Paths for IT Pros

To leverage the benefits of the cloud, IT organizations will have to change their skillsets in short order, and that means investing in training, consulting and hiring. Where do you fit in?

Editor's Note: Align Your Skills to Meet the New Demand

IT professionals who can adapt their skills for the new requirements of cloud computing will find immediate and long-term payoff.

New Roles and Skills for Cloud Computing

This is a good time to put some lines in the sand around what skills are required as the cloud creeps into our IT universe.

Network World: Steer Your Career to the Cloud

Cloud computing creates new career paths for savvy IT professsionals.

TechNet Magazine: Bulletproof Your IT Career

There are some positive steps you can take to solidify and advance your career, even in these challenging times.

TechNet Magazine: Scheduled Career Maintenance

Taking a methodical approach to career development, much like system maintenance, may be a better strategy for IT professionals.

TechNet Magazine: The Ins and Outs of IT Certifications

While the true value of certifications will likely be debated ad nauseam, they can be a valuable benchmark for your career.

TechNet Magazine: Develop Your Brand

Career development and getting to the top of the heap means taking charge of your own image and promoting yourself. Here's how.

Survey Results: Cloud Computing as an Engine of Growth

The objective of the survey is better understand IT decision-makers across multiple industries, and their current and planned adoptions of cloud-based technology solutions to grow revenue, launch new lines of business, hire staff and innovate.

InformationWeek's 2011 Salary Survey: Why Are IT Pros So Worried?

After a decade of hard knocks, IT pros earn modest raises, InformationWeek's annual U.S. IT Salary Survey shows, but they face plenty of uncertainty ahead.

TechAmerica Foundation Report: Cloud First, Cloud Fast -- Recommendations for Innovation, Leadership and Job Creation (.pdf)

The Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2) developed the report at the encouragement of the Federal Chief Information Officer and the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Commission’s mandate was to generate recommendations for accelerating adoption of cloud technologies.

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