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files property

Returns a FileList object on a file type input object.

This property is read-only.

HTML5 A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML, Section Internet Explorer 10



oFileList = object.files


Property values

Type: FileList

A FileList object containing a list of the files selected.

Standards information


The following example lets you pick multiple files, and then displays them.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
    <title>Files property test</title> 
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function getFiles() {
            // Get input element
            myFileList = document.getElementById("myfiles");
            // loop through files property, using length to get number of files chosen
            for (var i = 0; i < myFileList.files.length; i++) {
                // display them in the div
                document.getElementById("display").innerHTML += "<br/>" + myFileList.files[i].name ;
<label>Use <strong>shift</strong> or <strong>ctrl</strong> click to pick a few files: 
<input type="file" multiple id="myfiles" onchange="getFiles();" /></label>

<div id="display"></div>

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