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Manage Desktops with Windows Intune

With the Windows Intune desktop management service, the only catch to making your life much easier is letting someone else host the headache.

Editor's Note: Have Browser, Will Manage

Windows Intune is desktop management delivered as a service, a simple concept with amazing benefits.

Windows Intune on the New Windows TechCenter

Find step-by-step guides, free tools, and expert tips to help you deploy and configure Windows Intune to manage the PCs in your organization via the cloud.

TechNet Magazine: Windows Intune - PC Management Owned by Someone Else

When it comes to monitoring and management, working with a cloud-based service could be the way to go.

TechNet Magazine: Managing PCs in the Cloud with Windows Intune

Windows Intune can help you keep your organization’s PCs secure, updated and manageable, no matter where they’re located. We will go into detail on each workspace that is available and the benefits it provides. We’ll also delve into the technical architecture.

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