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SQL Server 2012: The New World of Data

SQL Server 2012 hit the General Availability (GA) milestone last week, but it's already battle-tested by hundreds of global organizations. Here are the resources to help you explore this new world of data.


Editor's Note: Your Path to Cloud-Ready Data

SQL Server 2012 embodies a Hybrid IT approach built on a common data architecture that extends data across on-premises server and private and public cloud environments.


Download the SQL Server 2012 Product Guide

The SQL Server 2012 product guide release represents a significant milestone for customers and partners who want to experience the extensive new value delivered by SQL Server 2012. It contains the top white papers, datasheets and presentations to help you get started with SQL Server 2012. Once you have downloaded the SQL Server 2012 product guide, extract the contents of the zip file to your local hard drive. Then run the starthere.cmd file to display the html pages that are a directory to the content.


Microsoft Virtual Academy: Cloud on Your Terms with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

What is the best platform for your solution, is it on premises, in the cloud or is a hybrid approach the way to go? Do you have performance, control or security concerns? This course explains the factors you need to consider and how to make the right decisions.


SQL Server 2012 Virtual Launch Event

Immerse yourself in the new world of data with SQL Server 2012. Engage not only Microsoft product teams, but with our partners and our most ground breaking customers.


SQL Server 2012 What's New White Paper

This paper provides an overview of the new features, benefits, and functionality in Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

TechNet Wiki: What's New in SQL Server 2012


TechNet Magazine: SQL Server 2012 User-Defined Roles

With the advent of SQL Server 2012 comes the ability to create user-defined server roles, a huge step forward for SQL management.


TechNet Magazine: With SQL Server 2012, Sometimes Partial Is Preferable

SQL Server 2012 will support partially contained databases, which should ease some migration and consolidation issues.


Evaluation Resources

SQL Server 2012 Trial

Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2012

How to Install SQL Server 2012


Upgrade and Migration Resources

SQL Server Upgrade Advisor

Five Tips for a Smooth SSIS Upgrade to SQL Server 2012

SQL Server Migration Assistant


Learning Resources

Microsoft Virtual Academy: SQL Server Courses

SQL Server 2012 DQS "How Do I" Videos

SQL Server AlwaysOn Solutions Guide

SQL Server 2012 Tutorials

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