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jamiejdt|Last Updated: 6/16/2016
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Loads the specified application and all other applications in the package into the file system cache.

The LOAD APP command starts the load process and a progress bar is displayed in the Desktop Notification Area. The command exits immediately after starting this process, so any load errors are displayed in the same location. Use the LOAD PACKAGE command if you want to start the load process from the command line without using the Desktop Notification Area.

SFTMIME LOAD APP:application [/LOG log-pathname | /GUI]



The name and version (optional) of the application to load.


If specified, output is logged to the specified path name.


If specified, output is presented in a Windows dialog box.

For version 4.6, the following option has been added.


If specified, output is logged to the specified path name in UNICODE format.

SFTMIME Command Reference

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