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How to Migrate Extension Points From an App-V 4.6 Package to App-V 5.0 for a Specific User

jamiejdt|Last Updated: 6/21/2016
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Note:* App-V 4.6 has exited Mainstream support.

Use the following procedure to migrate packages created with App-V using the user configuration file.

To convert a package

  1. Locate the user configuration file for the package you want to convert. To set the policy, perform the following updates in the userConfiguration section: ManagingAuthority TakeoverExtensionPointsFrom46="true" PackageName=<Package ID>.

    The following is an example of a user configuration file:

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>

    <UserConfiguration PackageId=<Package ID> DisplayName=<Name of the Package>

    xmlns=""&gt; <ManagingAuthority TakeoverExtensionPointsFrom46="true"

    PackageName=<Package ID>


  2. To add the App-V 5.0 package type the following in an elavted PowerShell command prompt:

    PS>$pkg= Add-AppvClientPackage –Path <Path to package location>

    PS>Publish-AppVClientPackage $pkg -DynamicUserConfiguration <Path to the user configuration file>

  3. Open the application using FTAs or shortcuts now. The application should open using App-V 5.0.

    The App-V SP2 package and the converted App-V 5.0 package are published to the user, but the FTAs and shortcuts for the applications have been assumed by the App-V 5.0 package.

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Operations for App-V 5.0

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