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Brian Lich|Last Updated: 3/28/2017


Creates a test collection file from a project definition file.


New-HwCertTestCollection [-ProjectDefinitionFile] <String> [<CommonParameters>]


The New-HwCertTestCollection cmdlet creates a test collection file from a Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) project definition file. The collection file represents the testing scope of a unique combination of test and target and version of the Windows operating system. For more information, see Windows Hardware Certification Kit downloads in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library.

You can use this test collection file in several ways at different stages of the testing workflow, including the following:

  • Generate an initial test collection to understand the full scope of testing.
  • Filter the test collection based on test metadata and properties, and then generate smaller collections for different labs to run.
  • Use a test collection with results to control the scope of testing. For instance, the tests could skip all passing tests.
  • Use a test collection as a validation file when you merge test results from the smaller collections.

The cmdlet creates temporary projects and target families to enumerate all the possible tests. You can reuse the generated project for additional testing outside of the automation workflow by using tools from the HCK.

Use the New-HwCertProjectDefinitionFile cmdlet to create a project definition file.


Example 1: Create a test collection

PS C:\> New-HwCertTestCollection -ProjectDefinitionFile "C:\Temp\ProjectDefinitionWindows8Client.xml"

This command creates a test collection based on the project definition file named ProjectDefinitionWindows8Client.xml.

Example 2: Create a test collection and export it to a file

PS C:\> New-HwCertTestCollection -ProjectDefinitionFile "C:\Temp\ProjectDefinitionWindows8Client.xml" | Export-HwCertTestCollectionToXml -Output "C:\Temp\TestCollectionWindows8Client.xml"

This command creates a test collection and then exports it to an .xml file. This command creates a test collection based on the project definition file named ProjectDefinitionWindows8Client.xml, and then passes the test collection to the Export-HwCertTestCollectionToXml cmdlet by using the pipeline operator. That cmdlet exports it to a file called TestCollectionWindows8Client.xml.



Specifies the project definition file as a full path. To create a project definition file, use the New-HwCertProjectDefinitionFile cmdlet.

Type: String
Parameter Sets: (All)
Aliases: Input, PDF, Project

Required: True
Position: 0
Default value: None
Accept pipeline input: False
Accept wildcard characters: False


This cmdlet supports the common parameters: -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, -InformationAction, -InformationVariable, -OutVariable, -OutBuffer, -PipelineVariable, -Verbose, -WarningAction, and -WarningVariable. For more information, see about_CommonParameters.







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