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Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

Brian Lich|Last Updated: 5/19/2017
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This topic lists the Windows PowerShell modules included with Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10. The Windows PowerShell modules in the list support automating the features of those versions of the Windows operating system and provide links to the cmdlet references for each module. These modules enable you to use Windows PowerShell to administer, maintain, configure, and develop new features for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

The table below also shows the latest published version of the Help for each module. The Help is available through the links below, or as Updatable Help files. Updatable Help was introduced with Windows PowerShell 3.0 and enables you to have the latest Help topics available locally on your computer. For more information, see about_Updatable_Help.

Module nameTitle and link to Web version
ActiveDirectoryActive Directory Domain Services Administration
ADCSAdministrationActive Directory Certificate Services Administration
ADCSDeploymentActive Directory Certificate Services Deployment
ADDSDeploymentActive Directory Domain Services Deployment
ADFSActive Directory Federation Services
ADRMSAdminActive Directory Rights Management Services Admininistration
ADRMSActive Directory Rights Management Services Deployment
AppBackgroundTaskApp Background Task
AppvClientApp-V Client
AppvSequencerApp-V Sequencer
AssignedAccessAssigned Access
BestPracticesBest Practices Analyser
BitsTransferBackground Intelligent Transfer Service
BootEventCollectorBoot Event Collector
BranchCaheBranch Cache
CIMCommon Information Model
ClusterAwareUpdatingCluster Aware Updating
ConfigCICode Integrity
DcbQosData Center Bridging Quality of Service
DeduplicationData Deduplication
DefenderWindows Defender
DeviceHealthAttestionDevice Health Attestation
DfsnDistributed File System (DFS) Namespaces
DfsrDFS Replication
DHCPServerDHCP Server
DirectAccessClientComponentDirect Access client
DNSClientDNS client
DNSServerDNS Server
FailoverClustersFailover clusters
FileServerResourceManagerFile Server Resource Manager
GroupPolicyGroup Policy
HardwareCertificationHardware Certification
HgsAttestationHost Guardian Service Attestation
HgsClientHost Guardian Service Client
HgsDiagnosticsHost Guardian Service Diagnostics
HgsKeyProtectionHost Guardian Service Key Protection
HgsServerHost Guardian Service Server
HNVDiagnosticsHNV Diagnostics
IISAdministrationIIS Administration
IpamServerIP Address Management Server
IscsiTargetiSCSI Target
KDSKey Distribution Server
Microsoft.Windows.ServerManager.MigrationServer Migration
MMAgentMemory Management Agent
MSDTCDistributed Transaction Coordinator
MultipointMultiPoint Services
MultiPointVdiMultipoint VDI
NanoServerImageGeneratorNano Server Image Generator
NetAdapterNetwork Adapter
NetConnectionNetwork connection
NetEventPacketCaptureNetwork Event Packet Capture
NetLbfoNIC Teaming
NetNatNetwork Address Translation
NetQoSQuality of Service
NetSecurityNetwork security
NetWNVNetwork Virtualization
NetworkConnectivityStatusNetwork connectivity status
NetworkControllerNetwork Controller
NetworkControllerDiagnosticsNetwork Controller diagnostics
NetworkLoadBalancingClustersNetwork Load Balancing Clusters
NetworkSwitchManagerNetwork Switch Manager
NetSwitchTeamNetwork Switch Team
NetworkTransitionNetwork Transition
NFSNetwork File System
NPSNetwork Policy Server
PCSVDevicePhysical Computer System View device
PKIClientPublic Key Infrastructure
PlatformIdentifierPlatform Identifier
PnpDevicePlug and Play
PrintManagementPrint management
ProcessMitigationsProcess Mitigations
RemoteAccessRemote access
RemoteDesktopRemote Desktop
RemoteDesktopServicesRemote Desktop Services
ScheduledTasksScheduled Tasks
SecureBootSecure Boot
ServerCoreServer Core
ServerManagerServer Manager
ServerManagerTasksServer Manager tasks
ShieldedVMDataFileShielded Virtual Machine data file
ShieldedVMProvisioningShielded Virtual Machine provisioning
ShieldedVMTemplateShielded Virtual Machine template
SmbShareSmbShare share
SmbWitnessSMB Witness
SMISConfigSMIS Config
SoftwareInventoryLoggingSoftware Inventory Logging
StartLayoutStart Layout
StorageQoSStorage QoS
StorageReplicaStorage Replica
SyncShareSync Share
TroubleshootingPackTroubleshooting Pack
TrustedPlatformModuleTrusted Platform Module
UserAccessLoggingUser Access Logging
UEVUser Experience Virtualization
VAMTVolume Activation Management Tool
VpnClientVPN client
WDACWindows Data Access Components
WebAdministrationWeb Administration
WebApplicationProxyWeb Application Proxy
WDSWindows Deployment Services
WHEAWindows Hardware Error Architecture
WindowsDevLicWindows Developer License
WindowsErrorReportingWindows Error Reporting
WindowsSearchWindows Search
WindowsServerBackupWindows Server Backup
WSUSWindows Server Update Services
WindowsUpdateWindows Update
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