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Distribute apps to your employees from the Windows Store for Business

Trudy Hakala|Last Updated: 7/19/2016
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Applies to

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile

Distribute apps to your employees from Windows Store for Business. You can assign apps to employees, or let employees install them from your private store.

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Distribute apps using your private store

The private store is a feature in Store for Business that organizations receive during the sign up process. When admins add apps to the private store, all employees in the organization can view and download the apps. Your private store is available as a tab in the Windows Store, and is usually named for your company or organization. Only apps with online licenses can be added to the private store.

Assign apps to employees

Administrators can assign online-licensed apps to employees in their organization.

Distribute apps with a management tool

You can configure a mobile device management (MDM) tool to synchronize your Store for Business inventory. Store for Business management tool services work with MDM tools to manage content.

Distribute offline apps

Offline licensing is a new licensing option for Windows 10. With offline licenses, organizations can download apps and their licenses to deploy within their network, or on devices that are not connected to the Internet. ISVs or devs can opt-in their apps for offline licensing when they submit them to the Windows Dev Center. Only apps that are opted in to offline licensing will show that they are available for offline licensing in the Store for Business. This model means organizations can deploy apps when users or devices do not have connectivity to the Store.

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