dm_execution_performance_counters (SSISDB Database)


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Returns the performance statistics for an execution that is running on the Integration Services server.

dm_execution_performance_counters [ @execution_id = ] execution_id  

[ @execution_id = ] execution_id
The unique identifier of the execution that contains one or more packages. Packages that are executed with the Execute Package task, run in the same execution as the parent package.

If an execution ID is not specified, performance statistics for multiple executions are returned. If you are a member of the ssis_admin database role, performance statistics for all running executions are returned. If you are not a member of the ssis_admin database role, performance statistics for the running executions for which you have read permissions, are returned. The execution_id is a BigInt.

The following table lists the counter name values returned by the dm_execution_performance_counter function.

Counter NameDescription
BLOB bytes readNumber of bytes of binary large object (BLOB) data that the data flow engine reads from all sources.
BLOB bytes writtenNumber of bytes of BLOB data that the data flow engine writes to all destinations.
BLOB files in useNumber of BLOB files that the data flow engine is using for spooling.
Buffer memoryAmount of memory that is used by the Integration Services buffers, including physical and virtual memory.
Buffers in useNumber of buffer objects, of all types, that all data flow components and the data flow engine are using.
Buffers spooledNumber of buffers written to the disk.
Flat buffer memoryAmount of memory, in bytes, that is used by all flat buffers. Flat buffers are blocks of memory that a component uses to store data.
Flat buffers in useNumber of flat buffers that the data flow engine uses. All flat buffers are private buffers.
Private buffer memoryAmount of memory in use by all private buffers. A private buffer is a buffer that a transformation uses for temporary work.

A buffer is not private if the data flow engine creates the buffer to support the data flow.
Private buffers in useNumber of buffers that the transformations use for temporary work.
Rows readTotal number of rows ready the execution.
Rows writtenTotal number of rows written by the execution.

The dm_execution_performance_counters function returns a table with the following columns, for a running execution. The information returned is for all of the packages contained in the execution. If there are no running executions, an empty table is returned.

Column NameColumn TypeDescriptionRemarks

 NULL is not a valid value.
Unique identifier for the execution that contains the package.
counter_namenvarchar(128)The name of the counter.See the Remarks section of values.
counter_valueBigIntValue returned by the counter.

In the following example, the function returns statistics for a running execution with an ID of 34.

select * from [catalog].[dm_execution_performance_counters] (34)  

In the following example, the function returns statistics for all the executions running on the Integration Services server, depending on your permissions.

select * from [catalog].[dm_execution_performance_counters] (NULL)  

This function requires one of the following permissions:

  • READ and MODIFY permissions on the instance of execution

  • Membership to the ssis_admin database role

  • Membership to the sysadmin server role

The following list describes conditions that cause the function to fail.

  • The user does not have MODIFY permissions for the specified execution.

  • The specified execution ID is not valid.

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