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Microsoft SharePoint Online is a collection of Web-based tools and technologies that help your organization store, share, and manage digital information. Built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, this hosted service is ideal for working on projects, storing data and documents in a central location, and sharing information with others. The following Social features let people work together in ways that are most effective for them. How? By providing great collaboration tools that anyone can use to share ideas, find people and expertise, and location business information.

The Ask Me About section of your profile lets you list your areas of expertise, presenting yourself as a go-to person for those areas to anyone who visits your profile page. Learn more about SharePoint profiles.

Blogs can enable an organization to quickly share information among employees, partners, or customers. People can add insight to a difficult subject area, provide inspiration and guidance, or explain a new guideline or procedure.

When you participate in community discussions, you build your reputation as an expert and earn points and badges that reward your contributions. If you’re really into it, you can become a moderator and work behind the scenes to makes sure the community thrives. Learn more about moderating a community.

An online community is a virtual place where ideas are discussed and shared. It promotes open communication by fostering discussions among users who both share their expertise and learn from others. Learn more about creating a community.

The company feed is an organization’s public newsfeed. All posts appear to the company, including those created by people that users might not be following. Learn more about Company Feed.

If your organization uses Yammer as its default social network, you can start a conversation about a document, image, or video that is stored in a SharePoint Online document library or in OneDrive for Business. The Yammer conversation appears within the document in your browser, allowing for real-time collaboration with people in your organization. Anyone with access to the file can take part in the Yammer conversation. Learn how to edit documents from Yammer.

Users can follow people, documents, sites, and tags to see newsfeed postings associated with people, documents, sites, and tags that interest them. Learn more about following a SharePoint site.

Microblogging lets users post items of interest in a newsfeed and participate in conversations. To learn more about microblogging, see Post something to everyone.

A newsfeed is a place to post information and reply to other posts, and to get updates about people and content you’re following. You can post to the public newsfeed or to newsfeeds on team sites on which you’re a member. To learn more about the SharePoint newsfeed, see Post something to everyone.

You can easily share documents and sites with others in your organization, from your OneDrive for Business and Sites pages, helping promote team collaboration. Learn more about sharing ideas, sites, and content.

Your OneDrive for Business and Sites pages give you suggestions for documents and sites to follow, based on your profile information and newsfeed activity. Learn more about suggested documents to follow.

Each SharePoint Online users has a personal site where data is personalized for them. Personal site includes a Newsfeed, OneDrive document library, and Sites pages. To learn more about sharing ideas, sites, and content.

Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online integration with some Office 365 plans allows users to sync their profile pictures and presence indicator with SharePoint Online. Photos appearing in a person’s About Me page are managed by Exchange Online and are no longer managed by using the SharePoint admin center.

Part of a user’s profile is fed in from the Office 365 directory service. If an organization sets up Office 365 Directory Synchronization (DirSync), then user profiles will sync with that organization’s Active Directory accounts. Learn more about SharePoint profiles.

Users can add ratings to their OneDrive for Business libraries that allow sites visitors to ‘Like’ a library document or to use a ‘star’ tool to rate it. Learn more about adding a ratings feature to a library.

Find documents that others have shared with you. Shared with Me eliminates the worry of finding those important items, because now they're all visible in a single view from within your OneDrive for Business. For more information, see View documents and folders shared with you.

A site feed, similar to a newsfeed, is a place on a team site to post information, and reply to other posts. Learn more about posting something to a small group of people.

OneDrive for Business is a service available with SharePoint Online that lets users sync documents to the cloud, and also to their computers. Learn more about OneDrive for Business.

Tag profiles display information about tags that appear in a newsfeed. Information includes conversations that reference the tag and a list of related tags. Learn more about tags.

You can synchronize your SharePoint task lists with Exchange so that you can manage and add tasks by using Outlook.

Currently popular #tags references appear in public newsfeed posts.

A wiki is a site designed for groups of people to quickly capture and share ideas by creating simple pages and linking them together. Every team site is a wiki, but you can also add a separate wiki page library to a site, or create a large-scale Enterprise wiki as a separate site or site collection. Learn more about creating a wiki.

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, standalone options, and on-premise solutions, see SharePoint Online Service Description.

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