MSExchange ADAccess 2915


Topic Last Modified: 2012-12-06

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Process %1 (PID=%2). User '%3' has gone over budget '%4' times for component '%5' within a one minute period. Info: '%6'. Threshold value: '%7'.

This Warning event indicates that the specified user is using more resources during a one-minute period than have been allocated per user. When this occurs, the throttling wrapper loads the required information, and then logs the event.

For more information about client throttling, see Understanding Client Throttling Policies.

Typically when you see this event logged, you also see event 2916. The presence of both Event ID 2916 and Event ID 2915 in the log indicates that a client program may not be running correctly. To troubleshoot this error, do the following:

  1. Determine when the event 2916 incident that is closest to the event 2915 incident was logged.

  2. Check your performance logs to see whether any latency issues occurred on RPC operations or Active Directory access at the determined time. If a corresponding delay occurred at that time, troubleshoot Active Directory access issues.

  3. If no latency issues occurred at the determined time, look for patterns in the activities of users who were over budget. Determine whether these activities were all from the same user, same client, same client program version, or same IP address. An identifiable pattern may indicate that a client or application is making too many RPC calls to the Exchange server.