Appendix F: Telnet Client and Telnet Server in Windows Server 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

This appendix provides a brief description of the Telnet client and Telnet server features that can be installed on Windows Server 2008.

For more information about the Telnet client and Telnet server in Windows Server 2008, see topics on the Microsoft Web site at:

For information about Telnet, you can search the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Web site at:

(Web addresses can change, so you might be unable to connect to the Web site or sites mentioned here.)

In Windows Server 2008, both Telnet client and Telnet server features are available, although they are not installed by default.

  1. Open Server Manager, click Add Features, and follow the instructions in the Add Features wizard.

  2. Open the Services snap-in, right-click Telnet, and click Properties.

  3. Change the Startup type to Automatic, click OK, and then click Start.

    You can also set the Startup type to Manual or Automatic (Delayed Start).

To run an automated check on whether the Telnet client is present on a computer that runs Windows Server 2008, use a script to find out whether Telnet.exe is present.

Note that a terminal-emulation program called Hyperterminal was available in Windows Server 2003, but it is not available in Windows Server 2008.

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