How to: Save Links to Favorite Information

You can add topics you intend to read again, or any Web site that you use frequently, to the Help Favorites window for quick access. The Help Favorites window is available from the Help menu.

You can also save search queries for future use. For more information, see How to: Save Help Searches.

To bookmark topics or Web sites

  1. Open the topic or Web site that you want to add to your list of favorites.

  2. On the Standard toolbar, click the Add to Help Favorites icon.

  3. Use the Up and Down arrows on the window toolbar to move the bookmarked topic higher or lower in the list.

You can change the name of an item as it appears in the Help Favorites window.

To rename a bookmarked topic

  1. Select the item in the Help Favorites window and then click Rename on the window toolbar.

  2. Type the new name and press ENTER.

Use the following procedure to remove an item from Help Favorites.

To remove an item from Help Favorites

  1. From the Help menu, choose Help Favorites.

  2. Select the topic name.

  3. On the window toolbar, click Delete.