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Schedule the Policies


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

In this task, you will schedule the best practices policies that you imported in the previous task.

To schedule the best practices policies

  1. In Object Explorer, expand Management, expand Policy Management, expand Policies, right-click a best practices policy, and then click Properties.

    System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

    As an alternative, to easily see which policies are associated with best practices and to sort the best practices categories, expand Management, expand Policy Management, and then click Policies. On the View menu, click Object Explorer Details. In the Object Explorer Details pane, click the Category heading to sort the policies by category. The best practices policies have the prefix Microsoft Best Practices. Right-click the policy that you want to configure, and then click Properties.

  2. On the General page of the Open Policy dialog box, in the Evaluation Mode list, click On schedule.

  3. Next to the Schedule box, click Pick to specify an existing schedule, or click New to create a new schedule.

  4. After you have configured a schedule, you can select the Enabled check box near the top of the page to enable the scheduled policy.

  5. Repeats steps 1 through 4 for each policy that you want to schedule.

    System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

    To view the evaluation results after a scheduled policy runs, open the Policy History log on the target instance. To open the log, right-click Policy Management, and then click View History.

You configured scheduled policies to run on a single instance of SQL Server. If you want to deploy scheduled policies to multiple instances, continue to the next task in this tutorial.

Deploy Scheduled Policies to Multiple Instances

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