Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient Namespace

Represents the ADOMD.NET data provider.

The ADOMD.NET data provider is used to access multidimensional data sources, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS), in managed code. Using the AdomdConnection, you can connect to a multidimensional data source, and you can then run queries and statements using an AdomdCommand to return AdomdDataReader and CellSet objects containing multidimensional data. You can also use the AdomdConnection to view metadata for multidimensional data sources, either by examining the CubeDef and related objects or by retrieving schema rowsets directly from the data source.

For more information, see ADOMD.NET Client Programming.

AdomdCacheExpiredExceptionRepresents an exception thrown by ADOMD.NET when a cached version of an ADOMD.NET object is no longer valid.
AdomdCommandRepresents a command to be run against an analytical data source.
AdomdConnectionRepresents a connection to a multidimensional data source.
AdomdConnectionExceptionRepresents an exception thrown by ADOMD.NET when the connection could not be opened or was disconnected.
AdomdDataAdapterRepresents a Microsoft .NET Framework data adapter for an analytical data source.
AdomdDataReaderProvides a means of reading a forward-only result set that is obtained by running a command, and can be used to access analytical data sources.
AdomdErrorRepresents a server or provider-specific error.
AdomdErrorCollectionGets a collection of AdomdError objects.
AdomdErrorLocationRepresents the location in the CommandText or CommandStream at which the error occurred.
AdomdErrorResponseExceptionRepresents an exception thrown by ADOMD.NET when a response is received from a provider which indicates an error. This exception contains a collection of AdomdError objects that contain information about each problem reported by the provider.
AdomdExceptionRepresents an exception thrown by ADOMD.NET.
AdomdParameterRepresents a parameter to an AdomdCommand object.
AdomdParameterCollectionGets a collection of AdomdParameter objects contained in an AdomdCommand object.
AdomdPropertyRepresents a property of a command.
AdomdPropertyCollectionThis class gets a collection of AdomdProperty objects contained in an AdomdCommand.
AdomdRestrictionRestricts the information returned when retrieving schema information from a connection.
AdomdRestrictionCollectionGets a collection of AdomdRestriction objects.
AdomdSchemaGuidContains the most commonly available schema rowset GUIDs used by the GetSchemaDataSet method of the AdomdConnection.
AdomdTransactionRepresents a transaction to be performed at a multidimensional data source.
AdomdUnknownResponseExceptionRepresents an exception thrown by ADOMD.NET when a response has been returned from the provider that is not understood.
AxesInfoRepresents metadata pertaining to the axes that are associated with an instance of a CellSet class.
AxisRepresents an axis within a cellset.
AxisCollectionGets a read-only collection of Axis objects contained by a CellSet.
CellRepresents a cell in a given cellset. For a complete list of class members, see Cell.
CellCollectionContains a read-only collection of Cell objects contained by a CellSet.
CellInfoRepresents metadata pertaining to the cells that are associated with an instance of a CellSet class
CellPropertyRepresents a cell property for a given cell.
CellPropertyCollectionContains a collection of CellProperty objects contained by a Cell.
CellSetRepresents a cellset that is returned as a result of a query.
CubeCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand list of CubeDef objects contained by an AdomdConnection.
CubeDefRepresents the metadata for a cube.
CubeInfoRepresents metadata pertaining to a cube that is associated with an instance of a CellSet class.
DimensionRepresents a dimension within a cube.
DimensionCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand collection of Dimension objects contained in a CubeDef.
HierarchyRepresents a dimension hierarchy contained by a dimension or set.
HierarchyCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand collection of Hierarchy objects contained in a Dimension or a Set.
KpiKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metadata wrappers around measures and Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expressions.
KpiCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand list of Kpi objects contained by a CubeDef.
LevelRepresents a level within a hierarchy.
LevelCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand collection of Level objects contained in a Hierarchy.
LevelPropertyRepresents a member property available on members in the level.
LevelPropertyCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of LevelProperty objects contained by a Level.
MeasureRepresents a measure within a cube or measure group.
MeasureCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of Measures objects contained by a CubeDef.
MemberRepresents a single member within a hierarchy, tuple, level, or member.
MemberCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of Member objects contained by a Position, a Level, or a Tuple.
MemberFilterRepresents a single filter to be applied when retrieving a collection of members.
MemberPropertyRepresents a single member property for a given member.
MemberPropertyCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of MemberProperty objects contained by a Member.
MiningAttributeRepresents a mining attribute on a MiningContentNode object and MiningDistribution object.
MiningAttributeCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningAttribute objects contained by a MiningModel.
MiningContentNodeRepresents the learned content of a MiningModel in a hierarchical node format.
MiningContentNodeCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningContentNode objects contained by a MiningModel or MiningContentNode object.
MiningDistributionRepresents the distribution of a value in a MiningContentNode.
MiningDistributionCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningDistribution objects contained by a MiningContentNode.
MiningModelRepresents a mining model of an AdomdConnection.
MiningModelCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningModel objects contained by a MiningStructure or AdomdConnection object.
MiningModelColumnRepresents a column in a mining model.
MiningModelColumnCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningModelColumn objects contained by a MiningModel object.
MiningParameterRepresents an algorithm-specific parameter on the MiningModel.
MiningParameterCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningParameter objects contained by a MiningModel object.
MiningServiceRepresents a mining algorithm available from an AdomdConnection object.
MiningServiceCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningService objects contained by a CellSet.
MiningServiceParameterRepresents an available parameter for the mining service.
MiningServiceParameterCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningServiceParameter objects contained by a CellSet.
MiningStructureRepresents a mining structure on the server.
MiningStructureCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningStructure objects contained by an AdomdConnection object.
MiningStructureColumnRepresents the structure of a mining column.
MiningStructureColumnCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningStructureColumn objects contained by a CellSet.
MiningValueRepresents a value in the mining distribution or mining column.
MiningValueCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningValue objects contained by a CellSet.
NamedSetRepresents a named set for a given cube.
NamedSetCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of NamedSet objects contained by a CubeDef.
OlapInfoRepresents metadata associated with an instance of a CellSet.
OlapInfoAxisRepresents metadata pertaining to an axis that is associated with a CellSet.
OlapInfoAxisCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of OlapInfoAxis objects.
OlapInfoCubeRepresents metadata pertaining to a cube that is associated with an instance of a CellSet class.
OlapInfoCubeCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of OlapInfoCube objects.
OlapInfoHierarchyRepresents metadata of a hierarchy that is contained in an instance of a CellSet class.
OlapInfoHierarchyCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of OlapInfoHierarchy objects.
OlapInfoPropertyRepresents metadata pertaining to hierarchy, cell, and cube objects that are contained in an OlapInfoProperty.
OlapInfoPropertyCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of OlapInfoProperty objects.
PositionRepresents a tuple reference contained by an Axis.
PositionCollectionGets a read-only collection of Position objects contained by an Axis object.
PropertyRepresents a property of various ADOMD.NET objects.
PropertyCollectionGets a read-only collection of Property objects contained by a CellSet.
SetRepresents an ordered collection of zero or more tuples.
TupleRepresents an ordered collection of members from different hierarchies.
TupleCollectionGets a read-only collection of Tuple objects contained by a Set.

AdomdErrorCollection.EnumeratorImplements the System.Collections.IEnumerator interface to support iterating over an AdomdErrorCollection and reading its individual AdomdError objects.
AdomdPropertyCollection.EnumeratorImplements the System.Collections.IEnumerator interface to support iterating over an AdomdPropertyCollection object and reading its individual AdomdProperty values.
AdomdRestrictionCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a AdomdRestrictionCollection and reading its individual AdomdRestriction objects.
AxisCollection.EnumeratorImplements the System.Collections.IEnumerator interface to support iterating over an AxisCollection and reading its individual Axis objects.
CellCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a CellCollection and reading its individual Cell objects.
CellPropertyCollection.EnumeratorImplements the System.Collections.IEnumerator interface to support iterating over an CellPropertyCollection and reading its individual CellProperty objects
CubeCollection.EnumeratorImplements the System.Collections.IEnumerator interface to support iterating over an CubeCollection and reading its individual CubeDef objects.
DimensionCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a DimensionCollection and reading its individual Dimension objects.
HierarchyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a HierarchyCollection and reading its individual Hierarchy.
KpiCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a KpiCollection and reading its individual Kpi objects.
LevelCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a LevelCollection and reading its individual Level objects.
LevelPropertyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a LevelPropertyCollection and reading its individual LevelProperty objects.
MeasureCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MeasureCollection and reading its individual Measure objects.
MemberCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MemberCollection and reading its individual Member objects.
MemberPropertyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MemberPropertyCollection and reading its individual MemberProperty objects.
MiningAttributeCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningAttributeCollection and reading its individual MiningAttributeParameter objects.
MiningContentNodeCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningContentNodeCollection and reading its individual MiningContentNode objects.
MiningDistributionCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningDistributionCollection and reading its individual MiningDistribution objects.
MiningModelCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningModelCollection and reading its individual MiningModel objects.
MiningModelColumnCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningModelColumnCollection and reading its individual MiningModelColumn objects.
MiningParameterCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningParameterCollection and reading its individual MiningParameter objects.
MiningServiceCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningServiceCollection and reading its individual MiningService objects.
MiningServiceParameterCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningServiceParameterCollection and reading its individual MiningServiceParameter objects.
MiningStructureCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningStructureCollection and reading its individual MiningStructure objects.
MiningStructureColumnCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningStructureColumnCollection and reading its individual MiningStructureColumn objects.
MiningValueCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningValueCollection and reading its individual MiningValue objects.
NamedSetCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a NamedSetCollection and reading its individual NamedSet objects.
OlapInfoAxisCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a OlapInfoAxisCollection and reading its individual OlapInfoAxis objects.
OlapInfoCubeCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a OlapInfoCubeCollection and reading its individual OlapInfoCube objects.
OlapInfoHierarchyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a OlapInfoHierarchyCollection and reading its individual OlapInfoHierarchy objects.
OlapInfoPropertyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a OlapInfoPropertyCollection and reading its individual OlapInfoProperty objects.
PositionCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a PositionCollection and reading its individual Position objects.
PropertyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a PropertyCollection and reading its individual Property objects.
TupleCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a TupleCollection and reading its individual Tuple objects.

ConnectionExceptionCauseDescribes the reason for the connection exception.
CubeTypeReturned by Type to determine if the CubeDef represents a dimension or a cube.
DimensionTypeEnumRepresents the dimension type of a Dimension.
HierarchyOriginDescribes the overall structure of a hierarchy.
LevelTypeEnumRepresents the level type of a Level.
MemberFilterTypeRepresents the type of filtering to apply to the member property when using a MemberFilter.
MemberTypeEnumRepresents the member type of a Member.
MiningColumnDistributionDescribes the distribution of the MiningModelColumn.
MiningColumnTypeDescribes the type of the underlying data that a MiningModelColumn represents.
MiningFeatureSelectionDescribes the type of attribute to return when calling GetAttributes. Alternatively describes a MiningAttribute.
MiningNodeTypeRepresents the type of the MiningContentNode.
MiningServiceControlRepresents the level of control that the mining service algorithm exposes on the training operation .
MiningServiceExpectedQualityDescribes the relative expected quality of the patterns found by the mining service algorithm.
MiningServicePredictionComplexityDescribes the relative expected complexity of executing a prediction with the mining service algorithm.
MiningServiceScalingDescribes the relative expected scalability of the mining service algorithm.
MiningServiceTrainingComplexityDescribes the relative expected complexity of training the mining service algorithm.
MiningValueTypeRepresents the type of the value of the MiningDistribution object and the MiningValue object.
SchemaObjectTypeRepresents the object type of an object retrieved by the GetSchemaObject method of the CubeDef.