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Transactions Event Classes

SQL Server 2000

Transactions Event Classes

The following table describes the Transactions event classes in the Transactions event category.

Event class Description
DTCTransaction Tracks Microsoft® Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) coordinated transactions between two or more databases.
SQLTransaction Tracks Transact-SQL BEGIN, COMMIT, SAVE, and ROLLBACK TRANSACTION statements.
TransactionLog Tracks when transactions are written to the transaction log.

Use the DTCTransaction event class to monitor the state of MS DTC transactions as they occur. This can be useful when testing an application that uses distributed transactions.

Monitor the SQLTransaction event class when testing your application stored procedures or triggers to determine, for example, when transactions are committed or rolled back.

Use the TransactionLog event class when you want to monitor activity in the Microsoft SQL Server™ transaction log, for example, to test your application and determine the types of logging activity.

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