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SQL Query Analyzer

SQL Server 2000

SQL Query Analyzer is a graphical user interface for designing and testing Transact-SQL statements, batches, and scripts interactively. SQL Query Analyzer can be called from SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

SQL Query Analyzer offers:

  • A Free-form text editor for keying in Transact-SQL statements.

  • Color-coding of Transact-SQL syntax to improve the readability of complex statements.

  • Object browser and object search tools for easily finding the objects in a database and the structure of the objects.

  • Templates that can be used to speed development of the Transact-SQL statements for creating SQL Server objects. Templates are files that include the basic structure of the Transact-SQL statements needed to create objects in a database.

  • An interactive debugger for analyzing stored procedures.

  • Results presented in either a grid or a free-form text window.

  • Graphical diagram of the showplan information showing the logical steps built into the execution plan of a Transact-SQL statement.

    This allows programmers to determine what specific part of a poorly performing query is using a lot of resources. Programmers can then explore changing the query in ways that minimize the resource usage while still returning the correct data.

  • Index Tuning Wizard to analyze a Transact-SQL statement and the tables it references, to see if adding additional indexes will improve the performance of the query.

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