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dtswiz Utility

SQL Server 2000

The dtswiz utility starts the DTS Import/Export Wizard using command prompt options. The wizards can be used to create Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages that import, export, or transform data between data sources, for example between an instance of Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 and a Microsoft Access database, ASCII text file, or any ODBC data source.


[/?] |
        {/i | /x}
        [/r provider_name]
        [/s server_name[\instance_name]]
        [/n | /u login_id [/p password]]
        [/d database_name]
    [/f filename]
    [/y] [/m]



Displays the command prompt options.


Specifies an import to an instance of SQL Server.


Specifies an export from an instance of SQL Server.

/r provider_name:

Is the name of the provider used to connect to the data source when importing, or the destination when exporting. For example, the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC is MSDASQL.

/s server_name[\instance_name]

Is the instance of SQL Server to export data from or import data to. Specify server_name to connect to the default instance of SQL Server on that server. Specify server_name\instance_name to connect to a named instance of SQL Server 2000 on that server.


Specifies Windows Authentication (not required). If used, /n takes precedence over /u and /p.

/u login_id

Is a login ID used to connect to an instance of SQL Server.

/p password

Is a user-specified password used with a login ID.

/d database_name

Is the SQL Server database used to export data from, or import data to.

/f filename

Saves the DTS package created by the wizard to this COM-structured storage file.


Hides the SQL Server system databases (master, model, msdb, tempdb). These databases do not show up in the list of source databases when importing data, or the list of destination databases when exporting data.


Execute all steps on the main package thread. For more information, see Enhancing Performance of DTS Packages.

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