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Analyzing Usage Patterns

SQL Server 2000

Analyzing Usage Patterns

  New Information - SQL Server 2000 SP3.

To produce an on-screen report of a cube's query patterns quickly, use the Usage Analysis Wizard. Report content is derived from the query log, which, by default, records every tenth query. You can adjust the content of the query log by changing this interval, stopping logging altogether, or clearing the log to restart logging. For more information, see Logging Tab (Properties Dialog Box).

You can tailor report content by using criteria to select the log entries you want to include in the report. The following reports are available.

Report name Displays
Query Run-Time Table The run time of queries, ordered from the longest to the shortest run time.
Query Frequency Table The frequency of queries, ordered from the most to the least frequent.
Active User Table Users and the number of queries they have sent, ordered from the most to least queries sent per user.
Query Response Graph The response time for all queries.
Query By Hour Graph The total number of queries processed, grouped by hour.
Query By Date Graph The total number of queries sent, grouped by date.

To start the Usage Analysis Wizard

Analysis Manager

Security Note  The default location for the query log file is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Bin\msmdqlog.mdb. This file, like any log file, should be secured from unauthorized access.

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