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Designing for PDF Output

SQL Server 2000

The PDF rendering extension renders a report to files that can be opened in Adobe Acrobat. The PDF rendering extension is based on the Image rendering extension, with some differences. For information common to the Image rendering extension and the PDF rendering extension, see Designing for Image Output. This topic describes features that are specific to the PDF rendering extension.

The PDF rendering extension produces files with the extension PDF. These files are PDF 1.3, which is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 4 or later.


The PDF rendering extension writes the following information to the PDF file.

PDF property Created from
Title The Name attribute of the Report RDL element
Author The Author RDL element
Subject The Description RDL element
Creator Reporting Services product name and version
Producer Rendering extension name and version
CreationDate Report execution time in PDF datetime format


The PDF rendering extension renders the document map as PDF bookmarks. Only bookmarks for items in the rendered pages are included. Bookmarks are not included if the report is a single page.


Hyperlinks are rendered by the PDF rendering extension. When a user clicks on a hyperlink, the linked pages are opened in the browser.


The PDF rendering extension does not embed fonts. Fonts that are used in the report must be installed on the report server and on the client computers used to view the report.


If an image in the report is originally stored in JPEG format, the rendered PDF will contain that image in JPEG format. Images originally stored in other formats are rendered in PNG format.


When you render a report using the PDF rendering extension, you can specify several device information settings, including the following:

  • A range of pages to render
  • Page width and height
  • Margin size
  • Number of columns and column spacing
  • Resolution of the PDF

For more information about device information settings, see Device Information Settings.

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